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Posted by Crazyimp - September 20th, 2021

⚠️Warning ⚠️

If you like these painters or if you don’t think these painters are your favorites that’s ok! I respect your opinions! ;)

👍 Favorite painters:

1.Salivdor Dali-

I really adore some of Dali’s works. I admired him because his artworks are surreal and influential.



2.Vincent Van Gogh-

I also like Vincent Van Gogh. I sympathize his struggles he had when working on something beautiful and unique such as his legendary painting that is Starry Night.



👎 My least favorite painters:

1.Jackson Pollock-

I don’t like Pollock! His artworks looks like it done by a hyperactive two year old and some of his works makes my brain hurt. Because it’s too hard for me to understand what’s going on to his painting. However, the true meaning of paintings is that it’s got to have some coherence behind it. There’s nothing artistic and coherent about Pollock’s paintings!



2.Edvard Munch- His paintings are just grotesque and disturbing that it looks like something out of creepypasta! O_o




Posted by Crazyimp - September 17th, 2021

1.White Rabbit by David Diebold and Kim Cataluna

2.Off The Wall by Micheal Jackson

3.Funky Town by Psuedo Echo

4.What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) by Information Society

5.Destination Unknown by The Missing Person

6.Everything You Know Is Wrong by Weird Al Yankcovic

7.Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai

8.Land of Confusion by Genesis

9.Where’s my Mind? by Pixies

10.Dream Away by Lisa Stansfield

Honorable mentions:

1.Psycho Circus by KISS

2.I Am Walrus by Oingo Boingo

3.Out of Space by The Prodigy

4.Powerhouse by Raymond Scott


Posted by Crazyimp - September 14th, 2021



I took these pictures like really early in the morning! I personally think slugs are cute and chubby just like caterpillars and bunnies! This species of a slug is called a leopard slug.



Posted by Crazyimp - September 13th, 2021




Posted by Crazyimp - September 13th, 2021




Posted by Crazyimp - September 10th, 2021





Posted by Crazyimp - September 10th, 2021

Whenever I had drew some Newgrounds fan art like twice. I decided if I would like to draw some fan art. Because I was a bit anxious that I have the urge to do it for comfort. I know! It was kind of tempting for me. Don’t get me wrong! I really enjoy drawing my original works. However, it was all about moderation that I would focus more on the original works and less on the fan arts. 

Here’s the list of fan art ideas I would like to work on someday:

1.My three favorite anime (My Hero Academia, Black Butler and Inuyasha)

2.Tari from SMG4


Posted by Crazyimp - September 6th, 2021


When I looked at one of the children’s coloring books and I saw a crab that is named, “Sebastian”. When I think of that name. I think of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler. X3

I’m personally not really big on Disney Princesses. However, I love anime! Don’t get me wrong! I also like Disney too! Not the princess stuff! :D


Posted by Crazyimp - September 3rd, 2021

Favorite anime character:

Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

(I sympathize him about his struggles with his dysfunctional family. He’s intelligent and a really good friend to Deku.)

Least Favorite anime character:

Light Yagami from Death Note

(I personally have mixed thoughts on Death Note. I really despise Light Yagami! He’s despicable and immature! He kills people scot-free under his guise of justice. I personally would root for L Lawliet. Because L deserves to win and even getting lots of screen time)

Favorite Disney character:

Chip N Dale

(They’re cute and endearing. Plus, I had a really soft spot on comedic duos with opposite personalities.)

Least favorite Disney character:

Buck Cluck from Chicken Little

(He’s the worst father in animation history! He’s actively neglectful towards the main character of this atrocious movie!)

Favorite Superhero:

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

(Same thing could be said with Chip N Dale or CP30 and R2D2. Yes! Marvel is my favorite company that makes superheroes.)

Favorite Looney Tunes character:

Pepe Le Pew

(He’s funny and cute. He always deserves better! He doesn’t need to get cancelled! Remember in Wabbit where he was a James Bond parody.)

Favorite Animaniacs character:

Slappy Squirrel from Animaniacs

(She’s hilariously snarky and she’s a really helpful aunt to her nephew.)

Least favorite Animaniacs character:

Katie Ka-Boom

(She’s a rotten and demonic teenager! Her joke consists of teens having meltdowns! Which is NOT FUNNY!

Favorite Nickelodeon character:

Gir from Invader Zim

(He’s funny, memorable and cute. Which made him balanced the show’s dark tone by adding something light hearted.)

Least favorite Nickelodeon character:

Angelica Pickles from Rugrats

(She’s a mega spoiled rotten brat who torments the helpless babies!)

Favorite Simpsons character:

Ralph Wiggum

(He reminds me of Gir and he said something that is hilariously absurd! There’s even a heart-warming moment where he loved Lisa Simpson as a friend)

Least favorite Simpsons character:

Patty Bouvier

(She had a butt ugly voice and a mean spirited personality!)

Favorite Star Wars character:

CP30 and R2D2

(Still have a soft spot about comedic duos with opposite personalities)

Least favorite Star Wars character:

Jar-Jar Binks

(He’s irritating and juvenile! Even his designs are hideous!)

Don’t forget Kylo Ren!

(I found him to be the most pathetic villain in cinema history! He’s just a big whiny dweeb!)

Favorite Harry Potter character:

Ruebeus Hagrid

(He’s a great father figure to the main character. 🥲)

Least favorite Harry Potter character:

Dolores Umbridge

(“Worst substitute teacher in cinema history EVER!” Said, The Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons)

Characters I like while everyone else doesn’t:

Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

(I found Grell Sutcliff to be funny and endearing with his hammy performance. He does something useful at times. Such as teaming up with Sebastian Michealis by stopping the psychotic photographer that is wreaking havoc in a London square. Plus, he does make a really good Cheshire Cat in that Alice in Wonderland spoof which is “Ciel in Wonderland”. I remember I made some friends with other girls when they talked about Black Butler and what they don’t like is Grell Sutcliff. Because they think he’s annoying. While I do respect their opinions on this character. However, Black Butler was one of my favorite anime.)



Posted by Crazyimp - September 2nd, 2021


Shadow and Hunter!