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How I see spooky stuff in a different perspective

Posted by Crazyimp - May 23rd, 2022

Since, I was really into spooky stuff a bit. The kind of spooky stuff I like is something campy, fun, well-written with insanely interesting concept or ideas. Such as b graded 50s science fiction movies including Incredible Shrinking Man, The Crawling Eye, The Blob, Forbidden Planet and some classic Godzilla movies. Even, 80s b-graded horror movies including The Stuff, The C.H.U.D, The Critters, The Lost Boys and The Pulse. But, what I don’t really like is creepypastas. I cannot STAND these stories. Not only I found them to be disturbing. I just found some of them to be horribly written with overdose of unnecessary shock values that it comes off cringeworthy and sophomoric such as Jeff The Killer, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack and Sonic.EXE. Well, don’t get me wrong! I also found these stories to be still disturbing such as Slenderman, Russian Sleep Experiment, The Rake and Sad Mouse.AVI. *shudders* I don’t really like these stories they still freak me out just like Linda Blair’s The Exorcist. But, not all horror stories on the internet focuses on being disturbing for the sake of it. There’s only one good story which is The Backrooms. I appreciate how The Backrooms used the spooky atmosphere really well and it had an interesting concept about stepping in through different dimensions. I just don’t think The Backrooms story is that bad. Yes, it shows an example of a creative and clever concept that is called, “Liminal Spaces”. But, don’t ever ask me to read or watch any creepypastas ever! I beg your pardon that I’m a sensitive person who’s not used to something that’s too worrisome. Not every horror stories has to be disturbing with heavy uses of shock values just to be scary! It had to be well-written and focus more on the spooky atmosphere such as books by Stephan King, H.P. Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe and R.L Stein. Where do I learned about excellent writing is movies I watched such as Harry Potter which shows creating a spooky atmosphere pretty well and moderating different tones between dark and serious or comedic and light-hearted. There are some best cheesy and spooky classics like Ghosbusters 1 & 2, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Little Shop of Horrors, Can of Worms and Goosebumps: The TV series. If you think spooky stuff differently. That’s ok! I’m really biased about spooky medias. Speaking of spooky stuff……


Here’s an announcement I would like to show you is I’m working on a graphic novel series known as, “The Hackles”. Which it’s going to be in development. This book would target the same demographic as Goosebumps and Harry Potter. Which is a comedy horror graphic novel for the youths to read. 



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