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I was a 2000s kid

Posted by Crazyimp - 1 month ago

When I was a kid, I grew up both with cable television and some weird and twisted animations on the internet that is from Newgrounds and early YouTube. What channels I watch on cable television are Discovery Kids, a little bit of Nickelodeon. However, it’s mostly Cartoon Network. I remembered watching Ben 10 all the time when I was young and I was a huge fan of this show back then. Although, there was commercial breaks and Saturday Morning blocks. The block I used to watch as a kid is called, “Cookie Jar TV”. The show I would watch in this block all the time was Sushi Pack. Too bad that nowadays. Kids no longer watched Saturday Morning blocks. Because they first started watching vapid junk on YouTube. But, not all today’s kids are like that. Some of them watched decent mainstream qualities such as Disney Plus and Netflix. Yes! It’s good for kids to stay away from YouTube. Did you know YouTube isn’t design for kids in the first place. The early days of YouTube shows independent but talented creators that are passionate with their works by pushing boundaries without limits.  Moving on! What are some weird and twisted cartoons I watched on the internet? I watched Charlie The Unicorn and 30 Second Bunnies. For those who don’t know what 30 Second Bunnies is. It’s a web animation about cute rabbits that parodied famous movies especially horror films. The bunny parodies I vividly looked back in retrospect were Jaws, Alien, The Shining, John Carpenter’s Halloween and Wes Cavern’s Scream. However, there’s also non-horror parodies I watched back then like Napoleon Dynamite, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Rocky, Christmas Story, March of the Penguins and Twilight. I also read some Beaver and Steve webcomics. Beaver and Steve on the other hand has a surreal and tongue-in-cheek sense of humor with some edgy moments. By retrospect, I used to read this webcomic series as a young kid. Nowadays, since I looked up the official Beaver and Steve website and too bad it was discontinued. But, the good news is I can look them up on Google and there were plenty of webcomic panels that are available. I also looked up 30 Second Bunnies on YouTube. Some of parodies are gone and some of them are reupload with sometimes poor quality. Because of YouTube’s standards was changed into something that went way too correct and sometimes creators would get easily demonetized. Mostly, they don’t allow the creators be free and independent. They just let them flaunt to their merchandises that lure into impressionable today’s kids. I swear! I’ve seen merchandises in Walmart and Target like that. They would show from Ryan’s World throughout FGTEEV and I don’t think it’s necessary for them. No offense really! It’s just kids today don’t needed to be watching YouTube until they’re 18 and up! However, I’m glad that mostly some kids watched Netflix and Disney Plus. Pardon me if I get too carried away! Since, I was really proud of being a 2000s kid. That’s what makes me unique. Don’t get me wrong! Every people’s generations are different unique just the they are. 

Here are some Beaver and Steve comic strips I found:




Here are some 30 Second Bunnies episodes I found. If you never seen this web animation go check out their spoofs:

Jaws parody:


Alien parody:


A Christmas Story parody:


Jurassic Park parody:


Rocky parody: